Blue Wax melt, Candyfloss


Handmade soy wax melt, with a gorgeous Candyfloss scent throw!
Wax used: soy wax (vegan-friendly, natural, non-toxic)
While your wax melt melts, it performs a little trick for you, with the glitter swimming around beautifully!

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Lovingly handmade in the UK
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Add an air of luxury to your interior spaces with the charming and exquisite aroma of your wax melts.

Handcrafted wax melt with a long clean burn and amazing fragrance throw, giving you a unique experience.

Wax used: soy wax (vegan-friendly, natural, non-toxic)

Do you want to hear a secret? When your wax melt is lit, it performs a  trick for you, with the glitter inside swimming around beautifully, creating a gorgeous shimmery effect, providing you with a unique experience.

Wax melt care:
Never leave a burning melt unsupervised. Use the wax melt at your own risk. Always keep the wax melt out of reach of children and pets. Be careful if using a flame. Do not touch the wax or wax melter while it is still hot.

My story:
Hi, I’m Aaliah, and ‘Lalees Creations’ is my small business. Want to know the story behind the business? Here it is. In June 2022, I started this business aiming to have a little hobby to distract me from, well, life. Life wasn’t so good back then; to cut a long story short, so I started this business as a hobby, and Lalees Creations was created! Now, from that little hobby, I have created a business that inspires people daily, and I cannot thank you all enough for the support.


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