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Wax Melt Liners, Reusable


To use, simply place onto your wax melter, and pop your wax melt inside. Once done, blow out your tealight/ turn off your wax melter, and leave the wax to harden as it cools. Then, you’ll be able to take the wax out, and pop in another wax melt!

There’s only a few available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab them while you can!

Reusable and leakproof: the wax tray liner is designed with a protective coating, so there is no leaking on your wax burner or melter; it will be much easier for you to change your wax melts and to dispose of them.

Wax melt care:
Never leave a burning melt unsupervised. Use the wax melt at your own risk. Always keep the wax melt out of reach of children and pets. Be careful if using a flame. Do not touch the wax or wax melter while it is still hot.

My story:
Hi, I’m Aaliah, and ‘Lalees Creations’ is my small business. Want to know the story behind the business? Here it is. In June 2022, on the 26th, I started this business aiming to have a little hobby to distract me from, well, life. Life wasn’t so good back then; to cut a long story short, so I started this business as a hobby, and Lalees Creations was created! Now, from that little hobby, I have created a company that inspires people daily, and I cannot thank you all enough for the support.


Small (£0.49, Large (£0.99), Small and Large (£1.29)


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